Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chair story

I'm slightly obsessed with old chairs.
As we don't get much in terms of antiques here in Lithuania,
stumbling upon a couple of beat beauties from the beginning of last century
(in someone's attic) can cause as much joy as laying one's hands on some Louis XV piece.

Here are some princely seats that caught my eye during a trip in France:
in a chateau museum
in a hotel.

One of the easiest ways to spice up a neutral/modern space is an old chair.
My favorite look - mix&match.

Today I was amused looking at the two pieces of seating I have in my yet unfinished kitchen.
Talk about difference of design!

The old one is a really cheap ebay trophy.
Apparently it graced some farm in France, and it sure is battered.
But I am not fussy. I love the darkened leather seats and especially, the rivets!
The unfoldable cardboard one caught my eye in one of those trendy alternative
design markets (partly, because it was so cheap, and partly, because I was really
curious to see if it would hold. It has so far)

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