Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Equal opportunites for all: chair story

You wouldn't want your dinner guests to be of the exact same character type,
would you? Then why have a dining table with a set of identical chairs, when
you can have a mixed bunch of old, new, wooden and metal, expensive and
barn types all sitting together side by side? I am preaching a kind of chair
 egalitarianism here, but look at these dining tables - they seem to be having
a blast surrounded by such a variety of four-legged beauties.

Vargu ar kas norėtų, kad į svečius vakarienės susirinktų visiškai vienodo sukirpimo
personažai. Lygiai taip, argi ne linksmiau, kai prie stalo - visa įvairovė kėdžių, nuo kuklių
kaimo gražuolių iki gamyklų pabėgėlių ir dizaino klasikos. Dar geriau, jei kiekviena turi
savo istoriją. Galite kaltinti mane savotiško kėdžių egalitarizmo propagavimu,
bet pažvelkit į šiuos stalus - jie tiesiog linksminasi, apsupti
tokios įvairovės keturkojų gražuolių.


Monday, February 27, 2012

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Inspirational workplaces: Tavin boutique

If I were running a boutique it would probably look something like this.
Love the romantic dresses on a ladder, the postcards on the wall
and the relaxed atmosphere. I think this Californian shabby chic
would be loved in our cold sunless corner of the world.
Unfortunately, we don't really have flea markets where
one could hunt for treasures essential to this
decoration style. Oh, but let us
dream for a moment.

Jei turėčiau "butiką", jis turbūt atrodytų panašiai kaip šis.
Romantiškos suknelės, sukabintos ant kopėčių, senų atviručių
koliažas ant sienos... Miela, paprasta ir nieko įpareigojančio. Manau,
toks kalifornietiškas shabby chic interjero stilius būtų maloni
 atgaiva mūsų šaltame, saulės deficito
(ir skandinaviško minimalizmo) kamuojamame krašte.
Tačiau kurgi gauti gausybę detalių, kurios ir sukuria
žaismingą šios parduotuvės atmosferą? Tokių blusturgių
kaip Kalifornijoje pas mus, deja, nėra.
Na, bet pasvajokime truputį.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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And it was all...yellow

Enough snowstorms. Bring on the sun!

Monday, February 20, 2012

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Small space large problem

Mission: café restroom.
Today is the day we have to decide upon what the essentials
for the café restroom - tiles, toilet and sink - will be like.
It has to be 'minimum budget maximum effect'! While we
struggle, here are some pretty restroom images.

If only I could I would. Marble. Oh yes.

Perhaps concrete?...

Sink from a boat?...

Industrial minimalist?...

 Or classic white with a twist?...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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One man's junk is another man's treasure: upcycled tables

A friend asked for inexpensive upcycled dining table ideas.
There are lots of possibilities if you happen to know a good carpenter.
However, the easiest way to save is... repainting the old table!
Or, buying one in a flea market and repainting it glossy black, for example.

Here's a funky version for testing your inner artist.
An interesting upcycling idea: old doors as tabletop.
My favorite kind of table, however, is the old farmhouse type.
It proudly shows off signs of wear&tear and is not afraid of
crumbs and wine spils. You can recreate the look by using
salvaged wood (best of all, large old beams!). Such tables
 don't really work in slick city interiors, however...
For a more industrial look: salvaged wood for the table top,
legs - custom made from metal (or found in metal junk yards and defunct factories).
Old garden furniture can come in handy, too.

Monday, February 13, 2012

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Inspirational work spaces

I find it slightly ironic that I should be posting on
stylish work environments from
 a very ordinary kitchen table...
but I have promised myself the most comfortable
of writing tables with the most inspiring window view.
Something like this.

For now, lets wish ourselves one of these private and beautiful work spaces.

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