Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One man's junk is another man's treasure: upcycled tables

A friend asked for inexpensive upcycled dining table ideas.
There are lots of possibilities if you happen to know a good carpenter.
However, the easiest way to save is... repainting the old table!
Or, buying one in a flea market and repainting it glossy black, for example.

Here's a funky version for testing your inner artist.
An interesting upcycling idea: old doors as tabletop.
My favorite kind of table, however, is the old farmhouse type.
It proudly shows off signs of wear&tear and is not afraid of
crumbs and wine spils. You can recreate the look by using
salvaged wood (best of all, large old beams!). Such tables
 don't really work in slick city interiors, however...
For a more industrial look: salvaged wood for the table top,
legs - custom made from metal (or found in metal junk yards and defunct factories).
Old garden furniture can come in handy, too.

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