Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kitchens with an edge

Rough, masculine, rustic, industrial. It's all about large
factory lamps, recycled wood, natural colors, mismatched chairs, 
rough-cut ceramics, artwork. 

This image really blew my mind when I first saw it on Wilson's blog.
I like to imagine the people who live in homes with kitchens like this. 
They should be immoderately cool, discussing Zizek over breakfast, 
Nietzsche over lunch and Barthes over dinner,
all that with cool world music tunes in the background.


O.K., so this is not exactly Christmas material...
I just feel Christmas has become more a celebration of consumption 
than of anything else, so I choose to bypass the topic. I would like
the holidays to be more frugal, so we could remember what they were 
about originally, and take time to enjoy ourselves and each other, 
not the stuff we have bought.
Don't you feel overwhelmed by the holidays sometimes?

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