Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Artsy Berlin

I am so much wiser than before my trip to Berlin. For one thing, now I know that the
ultimate Berliner dish is not Wiener Würstchen, as I naively thought (should have know
 better, it does say 'Wiener' after all:), but Currywurst. I also learned what 'multikulti'
means, and I dare say that Berlin embodies it in the best sense. Great city, great people,
great art: Berlin is a haven for myriads of artists and art galleries. Here are some
 impressions from my picturesque trip. 

The ME Collectors Room Gallery showcases young talent downstairs, while upstairs I saw
the spookiest collection of memento mori from ages past, including human skulls and figurines
with removable insides. Scary but beautiful at the same time!


An artist in his Kreuzberg studio. He has recently undergone a 
woodoo phase and is now painting classic furniture pieces.

The beautiful Soho House Berlin - a member's club and hotel oozing style. Heard rumours
 that George Clooney was staying there during my visit. Talk about cool.

A former Jewish girls' school now houses art galleries, a Kennedy Museum and a fantastic 
restaurant - I deeply recommend you visit the Madchenschule when in Berlin. I don't know
 if it's just my imagination, but to me the building still smelled like a school...

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