Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In the mix

We are so lucky. The people who buy our furniture seem to all have been blessed
with exquisite taste! I think our oak dining table feels very much at home in Ieva's
 and Robertas' beautiful (if yet not completely finished) kitchen. I love how this
style-conscious couple has mixed and matched custom-made furniture with
 classic Ikea pieces - to a stunning effect (even the cat is color-matched).

Mums sekasi. Žmonės, kurie perka mūsų baldus, apdovanoti nepaprastai geru skoniu!
Ši gražuolė virtuvė - Ievos ir Roberto, o ąžuolo lentų stalas - mūsų gamybos. Negaliu 
nesižavėti, kaip meistriškai ši pora "sumiksavo" pagal užsakymą gamintus baldus su
 klasika tapusiais Ikea baldais (net katinas spalviškai priderintas!).

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