Thursday, October 13, 2011

Picture perfect: more on wall decor

Some eye candy for those who, like myself, have a thing for extensive art displays.

I've already decorated most of the walls in my apartment but the remaining
bare spaces haunt me. I keep thinking what I could put up there...It is so the 
easy to transform a room with the help of picture frames and art objects. And it's 
great fun (not so much for the man who has to hammer the nails though).
My living room wall now looks like this.

They look pretty good for magazine and book cutouts, don't you think?
There is only one authentic piece of art here, the large black&white photograph of a
naked young woman by a pioneer of Lithuanian erotic photography. I've borrowed it
from my father...long term. On a different wall how hangs another piece I love,
by up-and-coming fashion photographer Rokas Darulis.This charming man is like
the kind phantom of the apartment.



  1. i love many frames on the wall, its marvelous, shame i cant drill rented walls. keep up the ideas coming.

  2. Dear Anonymous, for rented walls you could try using this
    Thanks for commenting!


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