Friday, October 7, 2011

Project Light, or recycling Soviet heritage

Here are some inspiring (DIY) lighting projects I've come across during the last few months.  
To me, nothing really beats the beauty of a single lightbulb on a string, but it has to be the right
kind of lightbulb, you see.
I sure love the idea of vintage lampshades strung together;
if I had an apartment with such tall ceilings, I'd definitely considering making one.

A stylish lampshade made from a market basket?
Pourquoi pas! (Metal paper bins tend to look cool, too)
And then of course there's the classic bottle lampshade (you can actually order the
wiring bits needed to make it online)
Bathroom mirror remake - pretty convenient!

Love the simplicity of this solution.

I happened to stumble upon this piece of Soviet design heritage in a dusty corner
of my grandfather's factory warehouse.
 When I asked him if I could take it, he just shrugged his shoulders:
"What for, child?"
Well, I figured we could use some lamp shades in our living room.

The ingenuity of Mr. Man still amazes me. Where do men learn how to
fix those things... Wish I'd been taught that at school.

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