Friday, January 20, 2012

Debatable decor

This is a tricky one.
Are animal trophies (taxidermy heads, horns) a good way of decorating
your home? It's true they look macabre, but also somewhat enchanting.
It is hard to understand why such items have retained popularity. Perhaps,
ironically, they are the last reminders of nature in our lives.
 I am by no means encouraging buying new ones.
However, if I happened to stumble upon an old piece in a flea market,
I would consider purchasing...simply because the animal that was killed for
this piece of decoration deserves better than to gather dust in the salesman's
I'm glad there is now so much choice in faux "trophies" - wood, plastic,
paper mache, wire etc. Check out these beauties from artist Anna Wili Highfield -
so much better than the real thing, aren't they...


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