Friday, April 20, 2012

Sleek bedrooms

So much to like about these bedrooms:
the subtle retro feel, the warm wood touches, the photographs.
I have a feeling the bedroom we're working on now will
look something like this. Or maybe the last minute I'll add a crazy
red velvet headboard...Oh, tempation.

Have a great weekend and take time to rest!

Šiuose miegamuosiuose man patinka viskas:
subtilios retro detalės, šilti medžio baldai, didelio formato
nuotraukos. Turiu įtarimą, kad dabar mūsų įrenginėjamas miegamasis
atrodys labai panašiai. O gal ir ne. Gal paskutinę minutę pasakysiu
"taip" raudonai aksominei lovos atkaltei...Ach, pagundos.
Gero savaitgalio, neužmirškite pailsėti!
source unknown, but suspect it was yatzer


  1. Wow! I LOVE these. Seriously, I could sleep easy in every single one of these bedrooms. I really love the art / photography they have chosen too, I'm on a print hunt at the moment - any tips? Just so tricky!

  2. I've been lucky to have a couple of kind photographer friends...I'm quite sure you'd find one or two among yours - ask them for images you'd like to put on your walls, they'd be flattered!


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