Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sweetness and light: photographer Michael Graydon

Simply delightful.
 My latest discovery photographer Michael Graydon
makes these homes seem so cozy and inviting, as if the owner was your
best friend. There is also an amazing sense of peace.

The pastel composition below is so in tune with this summer's
fashion trend it hurts!

Naujausias mano atradimas - fotografas Michael Graydon.
Jo nufotografuoti namai atrodo tokie jaukūs, tarsi savininkai būtų tavo
geriausi draugai. Ir tas nuostabus ramybės jausmas. Ach.

 Pastelinė kompozicija viršuje idealiai atspindi didžiausią
 šios vasaros mados tendenciją!



  1. cozy and inviting is right! all such lovely pictures. especially the first. i wish my living room looked like that!

  2. Well my favorite is the kitchen with shiny tiles, dark parquet floors and, how great is that, a fireplace...


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