Sunday, January 13, 2013

A touch of the exotic

An wooden stool from Africa, a Buddha sculpture, a mirror frame from Marocco,
an Oriental rug... It doesn't take much to transform a bathroom into an interesting 
and relaxing space. Surely, it works even better if the window opens into an exotic garden...

Photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo

Medinė kėdutė iš Afrikos, Budos skulptūra, veidrodžio rėmai iš Maroko, rytietiškas
kilimas... Ir paprasta vonia virsta įdomia, jaukia erdve. Žinoma, tai padaryti lengviau, kai
už lango veriasi vaizdas į egzotišką sodą...

 Nuevo estilo

Architectural Digest

Elle Decor

Photographer Mark Seelen


  1. Love this post. You have a great eye for design, and you always choose great images :) You are now one of my daily reads. Hope you're having a great week. Stuart x

  2. Aww...thank you so much, Stuart:) Considering that your blog was one of the first that inspired me when I just started out, your words are like music to my ears:)


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