Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Make mine a circle

They look super cute, these round tables. Great for a breakfast for two.
Judging by the ESNY picture, you can actually squeeze seven around a
bigger one.
And I love the second image, but isn't that rustic vase a tiny bit too large for
 the table? Sometimes styling does get in the way of convenience...

Dailūs. Puikiai tinka pusryčiams dviese. Sprendžiant pagal ESNY
nuotrauką, aplink didesnį galima susodinti ir septynis.
Man labai patinka vaizdelis apačioje, bet ar ta vaza nėra kiek per didelė
mažam staleliui? Kartais stilizavimas išties kiša koją praktiškumui...



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